Big Sized Clothes for Men in Japan

Where to get big sized clothes for men in Japan? Check out Sakazen, Big B and others.

Shimamura clothing store often has large sized clothes. You can find Shimamura in the smaller towns and cities in Japan.

Ito Yokado also carries big sizes for men and there’s one in Shinyurigaoka.

“For heavier men who are up to the average Japanese height or slightly taller there are many “big size” shops that offer larger sizes. One such specialty shop is Big M One but even shops like UNIQLO have fairly large sizes available these days. There are many online options too including Just buy a tape measure and you can get just about anything delivered to your door that will fit well and look great!”

-Writes, Ian in Osaka an expat

Big Shoes in Japan? Check out Ten

Kevin’s English Schools, the Canadian Schools in Japan!

JIGG Kanagawa

Uniqlo has even larger sizes at their online store!


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